Thank you for helping Breakthrough’s Class of 2018 reach their dreams of success!

With 96 high school seniors strong, this is our largest graduating class yet and our first class of Manor high school seniors. As they prepare to reach the milestone of high school graduation, we hope that you can join Tiburcio in giving the Breon, Breonna and the rest of the Class of 2018 the gift of support, encouragement and the assurance that they never run out of a sustainable source of ganas!


“The road to graduation has not always been a smooth one but that’s to be expected with two teenagers! During those bumpy times it really is a huge help to be able to reach out to Breakthrough and get that extra support we need.”


Breon & Breonna’s Mom 
Breakthrough Class of 2018

Breakthrough Central Texas

180 Grand Ave #1225, Oakland, CA 94612, USA