Keep College Dreams in Reach for Central Texas Students

In 2021, we continue to face the biggest educational challenge in recent history. Students from lower-income communities have lost significant learning time due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, many students in more affluent communities have had the opportunity to receive additional tutoring, increasing the opportunity gap for education in our region even further. 

Breakthrough students and families have been among the hardest hit by the pandemic—facing unemployment and food and housing insecurity. School closures meant not only social isolation but losing access to needed learning supports, computers, school supplies, and quiet spaces to complete schoolwork. These setbacks add to the inequities already faced by communities who are more likely to attend economically segregated schools with fewer resources.

For our students in college, the upheaval of systems and safety nets our students rely on—campus support systems, financial aid offices, access to work study and service industry jobs that helped pay for school–threaten to derail students’ college plans. Nationally, we can already see the impact of these events, with a 16% decrease in college enrollment. 


Your support of Breakthrough’s radical, 12-year program will help provide more than 2,100 Central Texas children with the guidance and support they need to persist toward their dream of becoming a first-generation college graduate and change the trajectory of their family forever. 

Together, we can create a breakthrough for the young people of Central Texas!

If you prefer to donate via check, please send your gift to Breakthrough Central Texas, 1050 E. 11th Street, Suite 350, Austin, TX 78702.

Because of supporters like YOU

At every grade level, our students outpace their peers on critical milestones, including school attendance, grades, and college entrance exams.

  • 96% of our students graduate from high school on time, compared to 86% of their peers from low-income communities.
  • 91% of our students enroll directly in college, compared to 42% of their peers from low-income communities.
  • 56% of our students graduate from college within six years, compared to 12% of their peers from low-income communities.
  • An independent study confirmed that Breakthrough students, even when compared to students with similar demographics and academic standing, are twice as likely to graduate from college as their peers.