Become a Teaching Fellow

Lead your own classroom. Experience firsthand what it is like to teach, motivate, and inspire your own students. Grow as a leader and an educator. Become an AmeriCorps Summer Teaching Fellow for Breakthrough Central Texas. It will be the most meaningful summer of your life!


Our  program admits students in middle school and makes a long-term commitment to helping them graduate from high school and college by providing academic summer programs, individualized academic support and enrichment and college-prep activities for students and families. Breakthrough Central Texas operates several summer sites located at The University of Texas, Manor Independent School District, St. Andrew’s Episcopal school, and Del Valle Independent School District. Breakthrough seeks enthusiastic, creative, and successful high school and college students to teach and mentor during our academic summer sessions. Under the guidance of seasoned teaching professionals, high school and college students will teach English, math, social studies, or science to classes of eight to ten students. Teachers will also serve on committees, lead study skills lessons, and design Explorations (electives) classes for their students. All Breakthrough Summer Teaching Fellows are AmeriCorps members for the duration of the program and low cost summer housing is available through a partnership with College Houses, Inc.



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Summer Teaching Fellow Experience

“I didn’t know that Breakthrough would become such a major part of my life. From being a student to a teacher fellow, I’ve been able to truly understand the beauty behind introducing a greater knowledge and education to first generation college students along with being able to become part of an extremely welcoming extended family and community. “
-Tiffany Guerra, Texas A&M University, Breakthrough College Student, Former AmeriCorps Summer Teaching Fellow