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Central South Austin

Bedicheck Middle School
Kealing Middle School
Lively Middle School
Martin Middle School
Mendez Middle School
O. Henry Middle School

Alicia Flores

Email: alicia@breakthroughctx.org

Phone Number: 737-216-1605


North East Austin

Bertha Middle School
Burnet Middle School
Dobie Middle School
Gus Garcia Middle School
Marshall Middle School
Sadler Means Middle School
Webb Middle School

Brittney DeMars

Email: Brittney@breakthroughctx.org

Phone Number: 737-216-1354


Del Valle

Dailey Middle School
Del Valle Middle School
Ojeda Middle School


Josh Duty

Email: josh@breakthroughctx.org

Phone Number: 737-216-1609



Decker Middle School
Manor Middle School
Manor New Tech Middle School



Samuel Cauman

Email: samuel@breakthroughctx.org

Phone Number: 737-216-1892



ONE ON ONE ADVISING: Breakthrough advisors serve each student, 24/7, as
their go-to, knowledgeable, personal advocate and champion. Our
professional advisors, work one-on-one with students from middle school to high school through college graduation.

SUMMER ACADEMY: A six-week, full-day, academic program for students
during the summers before their 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade year. Breakthrough
provides college-prep curricula in all core subjects infusing STEM learning
throughout our robust summer programming, electives, nutritious meals and
snacks, after-hours access to teaching fellows and well-organized field trips.

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMMING: During the school year, students have a safe
space to drop in for academic enrichment, take part in book clubs and study
groups, and bond with their peers through games and team-building activities.

SATURDAY PROGRAMS: During the school year, students attend Saturday programs aimed at improving their academic skills and building a college-going community.

HIGH SCHOOL TRANSITION: Students receive support in preparing for and
attending high school. Before transitioning to high school, a Breakthrough rising 9th grader has attended the equivalent of an entire additional semester of school during their summers with Breakthrough.

June 17th-July 26th

This summer, our Middle School Academy will be hosted at the following


Del Valle

Ojeda Middle School

North East Austin

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

Central South Austin

University of Texas in Austin


Manor Middle School

“I have many goals for my future and Breakthrough is going to help me achieve my goals. One of my goals is to graduate from high school and get into college. I have seen Breakthrough help my sister, go through the steps to apply for college. I really hope I can achieve my goals with the help of my family, friends and of course Breakthrough.”

– Alexis, Breakthrough Middle School Student

Breakthrough has helped prepare me for High School and for new opportunities. I am glad to know that there will always be someone at Breakthrough to reach out to if I have any questions along the way.

– Alan, Breakthrough Middle School Student

Overall I would say that Breakthrough is a fun experience and I want all my friends to be in it because it is gonna help us all in the future. I know I am in a good program and that makes me very happy. I have a lot of goals for the future and I know a breakthrough is gonna help me achieve all of my goals. I learn and have fun doing it here at Breakthrough. I have loved being in Breakthrough and I am excited to be in it until I am done with all my school years!

– Aniya, Breakthrough Middle School Student