About Us

Breakthrough Central Texas creates a path to and through college for students who will become the first in their families to earn a college degree.

Breakthrough is the leading college access and success nonprofit in Central Texas. For more than 20 years, we have partnered with thousands of middle and high school students who aspire to be the first in their family to graduate with a degree or certificate. We make a radical, long-term commitment to students, to and through college, unlocking the power of education and a lifetime of opportunity. We support the whole student with personalized services, work closely with community partners, campuses, and employers, and advocate for our students with lawmakers.

The result is that nearly 60% of Breakthrough students graduate from college, compared to 15% of low-income students in our region. Our work has resulted in more than 350 college graduates, with 3,500 on their way, positively impacting families for generations, our region’s educational equity, and the Central Texas economy.


All Central Texas children have the opportunity to realize their potential through the life-changing power of a college degree.


We make a radical commitment to partner with students and families for up to 12 years, starting in as early as 6th grade

Partner with targeted high schools to transform them into best-in-class  college access institutions

Advocate with local and state lawmakers


Provide academic learning, career preparation, and leadership development, as well as comprehensive, individualized advising at every level 

Provide High-quality postsecondary counseling to guide students to apply to, afford, and persist in their chosen path 

Holistic support to overcome obstacles and unexpected financial hurdles



Our students outpace their peers on critical milestones

Our students enroll, persist, and complete postsecondary degrees at higher rates than their peers in the region. 


Breakthrough Central Texas is a safe place for people of all races, abilities, ethnicities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, immigration statuses, religions, and backgrounds. We accept, support, and celebrate all students and families. We believe that building our practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion will allow people to access and thrive in this community. With thriving people, we will be able to achieve greater impact and move toward our vision for a better future. In order to have clarity in our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we have created the following definitions:

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Diversity includes all the ways in which people differ, encompassing the different characteristics that make one individual or group different from another. At Breakthrough we define diversity as broadly as possible. Furthermore, diversity can include diversity of thought, perspectives, ideas, and

Inclusion is creating an environment in which any individual or group can be and feel welcomed, respected, supported, and valued to fully participate. An inclusive and welcoming climate embraces differences and offers respect in words and actions for all people.

Equity is the fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all people, while at the same time striving to identify and eliminate barriers that have prevented the full participation of some groups. 

Breakthrough Central Texas is a member of a national network called Breakthrough Collaborative with 24 affiliates across the country. Learn more.