Our Impact

At every grade level during their secondary experience, our students outpace their peers on critical milestones, including high school graduation, school attendance, grades, enrollment in advanced coursework, STAAR scores, and college entrance exams.

These impacts are carried into college: Breakthrough students enroll, persist, and complete postsecondary degrees at higher rates than their peers in the region. 

  • An independent study confirmed that Breakthrough students are twice as likely to graduate from college as their peers.
  • High School Graduation: 96% of our students, on average, graduate from high school early or on time, compared to 83% of the most recent cohort of their Central Texas peers from low-income communities.
  • Direct-to-College  Enrollment: 82% of our students, on average, enroll directly in college, compared to 35% of the most recent cohort of their Central Texas peers from low-income communities.
  • Completion: Nearly 60% of high school graduates, on average, graduate from college within six years, compared to 15% of their peers from low-income communities.


    • Nearly 350 Breakthrough students have earned a postsecondary degree of any kind. 
    • In 2024, Breakthrough will serve more than 3,400 students in both our 12-Year Experience & Schoolwide programs.
    • Graduates with any postsecondary degree or certificate have significantly greater earning potential than those with a high school diploma alone – up to $1 million more in lifetime earnings for a degree.
    • For first-generation college graduates, median annual income surpasses that of their parents within six years.
    • College graduates tend to be healthier, more civically engaged, and have greater capacity for parental involvement.

    Breakthrough treated my daughter Alesia like the unique, amazing person she is, with guidance molded to her own goals and desires. Seeing Alesia graduate from college, now traveling the world, inspired me. I am proud to say I recently graduated from Concordia University”. 

    – Narda Alba, Breakthrough Parent