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Invest in Profound Change for Central Texas Children

To help students overcome the systemic barriers to post-secondary educational attainment, Breakthrough Central Texas provides a long-term, proven path to college graduation for first-generation college aspirants. For these students, statistics show they and other children from their community have only an 8% chance of obtaining a post-secondary degree.

But, you can help change that statistic for Central Texas students!

A college degree changes everything. The ripple effect it creates lifts the dreams and ambitions of the immediate and extended families of new college graduates. Offering resources, networks and leadership to their family and community, first-generation college graduates establish a culture of self-sufficiency, innovation and excellence, which galvanizes the economy and civic, social and political infrastructure of Central Texas.

By investing in Breakthrough Central Texas students you are creating profound change for the future of our students, their families and our community.


Below are a few ways to give to Breakthrough:

Because of supporters like YOU

  • 280 rising 6th and 7th grade students enroll in Breakthrough each year, making a long-term commitment to their education.
  • Breakthrough students graduate from college at 7x the rate of similar peers
  • Breakthrough students graduate college at 2.5 times the rate of all students in the region.
  • 98% of Breakthrough students graduate high school on time, compared to 83% of similar peers
  • 90% of students stay in Breakthrough from 6th grade through college
  • 90% enroll directly into college, compared to 41% of similar peers in Central Texas