Funder Spotlight: General Motors

General Motors gives grantees opportunity to tell their stories at Annual Jeopardy Charity Event Every year, General Motors awards grants to local nonprofit organizations to support its efforts to serve and improve the communities in which they live and...

Breakthrough Celebrates Largest Ever Graduating Class

92 students from Austin ISD and Manor ISD become first in families to enroll in college In early May, we gathered with seniors and their families to celebrate one of the year's most exciting milestones for Breakthrough – doubling the...

Breakthrough Experience: James Carter

James Carter joined Breakthrough in 2007 when he was just a 6th grader at Kealing Middle School. Six years later, he graduated from St. Stephen’s and went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with Honors in English Literature from Rice University.

51 High School Students Get the College Experience!

"This was one of the best college visits because it felt so personal." - Jeremiah (Manor 2020) A group of 51 Breakthrough sophomores and juniors from our Austin and Manor cohorts gathered last Saturday to learn about all  the UT Austin college experience...

My Breakthrough Experience: Rhiannon Aleman

I was aware of just how tough my neighborhood was. As much as people cared for each other there were real challenges with violence and drugs. Certainly, education was not the primary focus of life. My mom, though, always supported and pushed me and I saw the struggles she faced, working long hours with a 10th grade education to provide for her family. One day I brought home a flyer about a program that promised to help me for up to 12 years until I graduate college. Guess who was the biggest Breakthrough fan in the world in 2008? Yep, my mom!

Breakthrough Central Texas

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