Breakthrough Central Texas provides extended learning, comprehensive advising, and leadership experiences from middle school through college to students in low-income communities who will be the first in their families to graduate from college.

My Breakthrough Experience: Rhiannon Aleman

I was aware of just how tough my neighborhood was. As much as people cared for each other there were real challenges with violence and drugs. Certainly, education was not the primary focus of life. My mom, though, always supported and pushed me and I saw the struggles she faced, working long hours with a 10th grade education to provide for her family. One day I brought home a flyer about a program that promised to help me for up to 12 years until I graduate college. Guess who was the biggest Breakthrough fan in the world in 2008? Yep, my mom!

graduate high school on time, compared to 83% of similar peers

more likely to enroll directly in college compared to similar peers.

the rate of high school graduates go on to earn a college degree, compared to similar peers

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