What We Do

A proven, three-dimensional model for academic success and personal success.

At the core of our model are three main pillars. Each pillar provides students skills and experiences that address the three critical factors that limit academic success and persistence: unequal out-of-school academic opportunities, the lack of a knowledgeable personal advocate and the development of non-cognitive skills. Our model fills these gaps, leveling the education playing field.

An independent study confirmed that Breakthrough students, even when compared to students with similar demographics and academic standing, are twice as likely to graduate from college as their peers.

Breakthrough extends the amount of learning each student receives outside of school by offering academically challenging summer programs, after-school tutoring, Saturday enrichment programs and SAT/ACT preparation. We also offer college-financing counseling and individualized college guidance.
Breakthrough advisers serve each student, 24/7, as their go-to, knowledgeable, personal advocate and champion. Advisors are a special key to our model’s success. Our professional advisors, work one-on-one with students through middle school, high school, and college.
Breakthrough engages students in rich, meaningful experiences that develop leadership and instill confidence and a sense of real-life achievement. These experiences develop important non-cognitive skills such as motivation and perseverance that are crucial for college success and success in life.




The Foundation of Our Model

Our proven model continues to produce more and more graduates as we expand our partner network across the region with school districts, colleges, universities and employers. At the foundation of our model, you will find a driving motivation and achievement in the minds of our students as they pursue their college education – growth mindset. Carol Dweck’s concept of “Growth Mindset,” suggests the idea that we can grow our brain’s capacity to learn and solve problems. When our students believe they can achieve something, they understand that effort makes them stronger; therefore putting in that extra effort and time leading to higher achievement.