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Breakthrough Storyteller Bill of Rights

When sharing or being asked to share my story by Breakthrough Central Texas, I have the right to:

  • Choose when, where, how and if to tell my story based on the request, without any negative impact on my relationship with Breakthrough staff or participation in Breakthrough programming
  • Ask for training and guidance before and after accepting invitations for speaking engagements
  • Ask whom the audience is, how the story will be used, and the purpose of having my story told
  • Answer only questions that I am comfortable with
  • Use discretion in order to protect myself, my loved ones and my personal information
  • Be recognized and identified as I choose
  • Ask for editing rights over my story and how I am identified
  • Share any and all aspects of my story
  • Not be expected to represent experiences that are not my own
  • Ask that my story not be shared without my explicit consent
  • Ask for fair compensation
  • Opt out at any time



When Breakthrough asks people to share their stories, we promise to:

  • Encourage and promote a wide spectrum of experiences and stories
  • Frame stories from a position of strength not victimization
  • Be transparent about why people are being asked to share their stories as well as any expectations and goals for their story sharing
  • Be transparent about when and how the story will be shared and who the audience will be
  • Request prior approval from story sharers before sharing their personal information and stories, and before referring to a third party
  • Provide training in public speaking and/or interviews
  • Respect story sharers’ right to say no or opt out at any point
  • Provide ample support before, during, and after the story sharing process
  • Encourage opportunities for healing through the story sharing process
  • Provide fair compensation
  • Stay faithful to our Storytellers Bill of Rights

Adapted from Storyteller Bill of Rights and Storytelling Principles of Trust published by Immigrants Rising. https://immigrantsrising.org/