Summer is over, and Breakthrough has officially begun the fall semester with close to 1,250 middle school, high school and college students working hard to achieve their dreams of becoming first-generation college graduates. Throughout the school year, Breakthrough hosts Saturday and after-school programming to engage our students through project-based academic activities. In addition, students in 10th, 11th and 12th grades gear up for college visits, attend college fairs, receive SAT/ACT preparation and begin guided scholarship searches as they prepare for their journeys to and through college. To help support our programs and students this coming year, we’ve welcomed nine AmeriCorps members to the Breakthrough team— some new and some returning, including three Breakthrough college graduates!

As a proud AmeriCorps program, we are thrilled to be part of AmeriCorps’ One Million Member Milestone. On October 7, AmeriCorps will surpass 1 million men and women who have joined the program to make our country stronger. For more than 20 years, AmeriCorps has strengthened nonprofits, allowing members to expand services, build capacity, develop new partnerships, and create innovative, sustainable programs. We are proud to be part of this service movement that is poised for even greater impact and growth, and we are excited to start the year off with our new, amazing AmeriCorps members!