With the constantly changing economic and health landscapes, charitable grants and fundraising are critical to supporting nonprofits like Breakthrough Central Texas. That is why Bank of America recognizes the need to empower students to become the first in their families to earn a college degree. 

We  are excited to announce that we’ve been awarded $30,000 from Bank of America to help us continue to empower and equip aspiring first-generation college graduates on their path to and through college. We’re so thankful to be recognized as an organization doing critical work in the Austin community.

Since 2007, Bank of America has awarded Breakthrough with over $380,000 in grant funding to ensure our students have the support they need during their 12-Year Breakthrough Experience.

“Bank of America is committed to doing our part to help prepare the next generation of children in our community with the educational experiences they need to be successful in the workforce,” said David Bader, Bank of America Austin president. “Our partnership with Breakthrough will help open doorways for all students and help solve opportunity gaps that exist in our Austin community.”

Bank of America has consistently worked with nonprofit partners, local organizations and leaders across public and private sectors in Austin to help drive economic mobility and social progress for vulnerable populations. Philanthropic investments like this are just one way Bank of America deploys capital locally to help remove barriers to economic success and build a more sustainable community.

Thank you for your continuous support in helping us build the path to and through college for Central Texas youth!

Breakthrough Graduate, Jabrell
Breakthrough Graduate, Kimberly
Breakthrough Graduate, Ricardo