Dear Friends of Breakthrough,

Michael GriffithBreakthrough is a community filled with young and talented leaders, especially during the summer months. More than 280 6th graders from Austin, Manor and Del Valle ISD will begin their journey with Breakthrough this summer. Our high school graduates will prepare for college in the fall and our recent college graduates will begin promising careers or prepare for graduate school. In addition, this month we are training a record 149 AmeriCorps Teaching Fellows to lead more than 1,400 Breakthrough middle school, high school and college students, through our intensive summer programming.

As an AmeriCorps program, we benefit from this influx of young and committed individuals who serve as year-round Advisors and as summertime Teaching Fellows. Our students are mentored and taught by these young adults who are not far from them in age, often share similar life experiences, and inspire them to work hard, believe in themselves and continue to overcome each obstacle that stands in their path to becoming a first-generation college graduate.

This unique mentorship brings us to the core of our program, as Breakthrough believes in the power of students teaching other students. We believe this peer-to-peer model is one of the critical reasons our students are propelled to succeed as college students. If you know of a young adult who is looking to join in service to our community, whether year-round or in the summer, please let us know or visit here to learn more. We would love to have them join in this ever-growing collection of dedicated future leaders.

I hope to see each of you at one of our many Experience Breakthrough events this summer!

With gratitude,



Michael Griffith