Donor Spotlight: Rosalind George


How and when did you become affiliated with Breakthrough Central Texas? Why did you become involved with Breakthrough?


My first introduction to Breakthrough was when I attended an event on November 3, 2015. I was moved by the stories and experiences of the college graduates that participated in the program.  I was absolutely amazed that an organization could have such a “herculean” initiative and commitment to support, motivate and mentor a child from 6th grade through college graduation! I knew I had to somehow be a part of this integral mission of  hope and opportunity.


Why is the mission of Breakthrough important to you?


Breakthrough’s mission to provide students a path to and through college is important to me because it levels the playing field for many students and families.  They are at the forefront of commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  Their mission is essential more now than ever given the current challenges of uncertainty, restlessness and racial unrest.  Hope and opportunity are the pivotal points that encourage significant change for the future direction of an underrepresented population; Breakthrough’s mission is doing just that through each student and family one at time.


How does Breakthrough make a difference for students and their families?


Through the summer programs, extensive learning, mentorships and positive relationships breakthrough provides, the students are now given the opportunity and the motivation to become more confident, socially comfortable and hopeful within themselves and about a future they may have only imagined. The opportunity to become the first generation to go to college provides families with an optimism about their child’s future that will positively change family life dynamics.