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Promotion Spotlight: Amely Vela

Amely Vela

Associate Director of Programs

As a first-generation college graduate, Amely is a proud Breakthrough Alumna and proud graduate of Texas A&M University, where she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science. In 2014, Amely decided to give back to the community that paved her path to college and become a Breakthrough Summer Teaching Fellow. Since then, she’s gone on to be a full-time AmeriCorps member, Program Coordinator and now our newest Associate Director of Programs.

What is Amely’s role?

Amely’s role is composed of a mixture of activities some of which are leading and supporting the Del Valle High School Team to accomplish goals, advising students throughout the week, supporting and assuring programs meet objectives and maintaining a strong relationships at district level so her team and students have the support they need to succeed. Along with this, she supports the data team, HR committee and AmeriCorps Hiring Committee.  


What Amely likes most about working at Breakthrough:

Amely has really enjoyed her time here and can see herself growing with Breakthrough. She says she sees it as a place that has not only supported her in the trajectory to becoming a first-generation graduate, but also a place that gives her the space to innovate, learn, and sculpt her work to help other students accomplish what she has. She really enjoys that Breakthrough is not a stagnant place to work at but rather a place that is constantly trying to better itself to provide the community what it needs while also taking the opinions of staff member’s into consideration – something unique that you don’t see too often.


Amely’s favorite thing to do in Central Texas:

Amely enjoys other things beyond being an Associate Director. Some of which are, teaching herself python code, creating Cricut crafts and exploring the outdoors in the greater Central Texas.