Future Focus Spotlight: Horizon Bank

The Future Focus Summer Internship Program arranges full-time, paid, professional internships for first-generation college students from low-income communities. Learn more here. 

Q&A with Kelli Raymond

Horizon Bank, Vice-President of Human Resources

How long has your company been a part of the Future Focus Program? How many Future Focus interns are working on your team?

Since the beginning of our partnership in 2017, we have hosted almost 20 students! Currently, two Future Focus participants are interning on our Loan and Branch Operations teams. They are learning our basic customer service platforms, as well as more complex loan documentation support functions.

How would you describe Future Focus students?

Our Future Focus students are eager to learn. They are hard workers, team players, and show up every day with a positive attitude.

What is the value of being a host company with the Future Focus program? Why has your company committed to partnering with Future Focus to develop their future workforce?

Partnering with Future Focus has been a great opportunity for our managers – from our interviewing workshops, to introducing new ideas and perspectives to their teams, our new leaders are growing in much the same way as the students. 

How do you think Future Focus builds the pathway for first-generation college graduates to enter the workforce?

By exposing students to a variety of industries and leaders, Future Focus is expanding students’ minds as to what is possible after graduation. Our students are not only gaining professional experience, they are also developing their soft skills through interactions with peers, senior leaders, and members of management, in addition to increasing their knowledge of financial services.

If you are interested in hosting a summer intern and would like to consider one of our students, please contact Kate Garrett, Director of Corporate Partnerships, at kate@breakthroughctx.org.