Gregg and DIana LoweBreakthrough is thrilled to announce we have received the largest donation in our organization’s history from Diana and Gregg Lowe. The Lowes issued the gift as a challenge grant to launch the “More Breakthroughs, Brighter Futures” Growth Campaign with a goal of raising $2 million to support the enrollment of 600 additional Breakthrough students.

Diana, a first-generation college graduate and a Breakthrough board member, and Gregg, the former CEO of Freescale Semiconductor, want to help Breakthrough extend the reach of the program and enroll hundreds more students across Central Texas. Despite the unprecedented growth in Austin, the number of low-income students continues to surge across the entire Central Texas region. Diana and Gregg are committed to helping make a difference for all in our community.

This is the kind of growth Austin needs!

“Being the first in my family to graduate from college opened my life to numerous possibilities,” Diana said. “I want to open that doorway to success for many kids throughout Central Texas to help them reach their potential and achieve their dreams.”

Gregg says he views Breakthrough’s work as important not only for students, but also for Central Texas businesses that depend on well-educated employees to compete.

“Helping more low-income students graduate from college is key to addressing Austin’s growing need for a motivated and high-caliber workforce,” said Gregg. “Breakthrough has a proven track record of success through extensive and sustained support, and we want to help them change the lifetime trajectories for hundreds more kids and their families.”