We have so much gratitude towards our Breakthrough community for coming together and making this year’s Amplify Austin day an incredible success. With your help and a generous matching gift from Launch Marketing, $45,446 was raised from 287 donors in support of college dreams and we couldn’t be more thankful for everyone’s support. 

To significantly help us grow our community, donors, not just dollars was our goal this year. We committed to reaching our $20,000 goal with at least 200 donors, and surpassed it! But, it wasn’t without the help of 15 volunteer fundraisers and a small group of Breakthrough Alum. For the first time, Breakthrough’s alumni came together to fundraise on behalf of the organization. Representing the more than 100 Breakthrough college graduates, they set a goal of $500 and created an opportunity for alumni to give back to an organization that has been a fixture in most of their lives for more than 10 years. They called on alumni to trade in their weekly coffee and dinner outing, and give anywhere from $10 to $25 dollars to provide after-school snacks and bus passes for current Breakthrough students.

By 6 PM on March 1 of Amplify Austin Day, Breakthrough alumni had surpassed their goal bringing in more than $1,200!

By participating in Amplify Austin this year we hope to raise much needed funds to ensure that more students can have the same experience we did.

– Breakthrough Alumni

Special thanks to the entire Breakthrough community who made Amplify Austin an incredible success.

If you were unable to make a donation during the 24-hour period, or are inspired to make an additional gift, you may still do so below.


“When I think of Breakthrough, I think about the determination, strength and resilience of the community. I think of the people that attended Breakthrough with me. I think of how awkward we were during our first summer program and the successes we experience now – our college degrees, the careers, and the younger Breakthrough students that we’ve impacted through giving back…It’s incredible the number of lives that are being changed by this program and it is all possible through your generosity.

– Jessica, Breakthrough College Graduate