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Claudia Teaching at Texas State

Alumni Helps Launch Partnership with Texas State, Teaching Freshman Seminar to first-gen Breakthrough students

Program Coordinator Claudia Ochoa joined Breakthrough as a sixth grader with big dreams of becoming the first in her family to graduate from college. She shared that it wasn’t always an easy path: 

“There were two distinct times in my educational career when I wanted to call it quits. I doubted my capacity and ability to succeed. Without a doubt, I can say that Breakthrough’s love and support guided me through those difficult times in my educational journey.”

Claudia went on to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Bilingual Education from Texas State University. As a proud first-generation college graduate, she wanted to pay forward the same support she received to the next generation of Breakthrough students. For the past six years, she has done just that as a dedicated member of our College & Career Success team.

Guiding Students at Her Alma Mater

This year Claudia is celebrating two more firsts. In May, she earned her Master’s Degree in Educational Policy and Planning, and this fall, she is teaching her first college course: a freshman seminar designed especially for Breakthrough students at her alma mater Texas State!

Claudia guides students through the curriculum and encourages students to plug into a community of individuals with like-minded interests and pursuits while on campus to create a sense of belonging.

As supporters of our community, you are our partners in this labor of love. Your generosity fuels the work of Claudia and all of our caring advisors. It fuels the innovative partnerships with schools like Texas State to ensure our students have the support and resources they need to succeed. It fuels our students’ dreams of becoming first-generation college graduates.

I know that our work can be arduous as we are helping our students reach their goals all while ensuring that we disrupt all the inequities they face. This labor of love is so impactful and important. I can personally attest that this work helps kids with big dreams grow and become adults with even bigger dreams.”