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During our 20th Anniversary Celebration, our speakers took us through a 20 year journey through their own perspectives. Follow along as we go down memory lane!

“From there, with a growing reputation, student body, and community need, Breakthrough expanded into a second school district, Manor ISD, and became an official partner to the AmeriCorps program. Hello everyone, my name is Christi Almeida. I work at Breakthrough as the Director of College Access and have served here since that pivotal year in 2011 – back when I first joined staff as one of those original six AmeriCorps members.

While we now host well over 20 AmeriCorps folks a year on a staff of over 80, my original group of six was small but mighty! Personally, I remember thinking I’d complete a year of service and move back home to Idaho. I thought I’d work for a year in education, then transition into policy work or Spanish translation services. But plans change. I changed..

In short, it’s absolutely energizing to be able to work alongside YOU, students & families. I know the impact of having a community rallying behind you and supporting your goals; because I have not only seen it, I have walked this path. It is an honor to be part of your journeys. Thank you for sharing your personal stories, for the trust you have in us, in me… We wouldn’t be US without YOU.

Estudiantes y familias: es un gran honor poder trabajar a lado de ustedes. Yo se la diferencia que hace sentirse parte de una organización que no solo cree en sus metas y sus sueños, sino también conoce bien la vida de inmigrante y el camino que han tomado. Es un gran honor poder ser parte de su camino al éxito. Gracias por la confianza que nos dan, que me dan. Soy porque somos.

I look forward to continuing to empower our community alongside all of you for years to come!”

– Christi Almeida  |  Director of College Access

Since 2002, Breakthrough has been inspired by students and their families to reshape the future of Central Texas: A place and time where all students can experience the life-changing power of a college degree. As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, we also celebrate you! We are grateful for each member of the  Breakthrough family who has played a role in  advancing our mission, and we invite you to follow us throughout the year as we highlight inspiring examples of determination and accomplishment.