Dear Breakthrough Students, 

The Community Novel Committee is so excited to introduce this years Community Novel. Though we are disappointed we will not be able to introduce our book in person, we wanted to provide you with this important piece of the Breakthrough experience! Each summer, Breakthrough students read the Breakthrough Community Novel. The Community Novel is a way to build a culture where reading is exciting and fun. This summer Breakthrough Central Texas has selected two special just books for you! We hope that you enjoy Elizabeth Acevedo’s  novel, “The Poet X “and Sharon Draper’s “Blended”! While we encourage all BT students to read BOTH books. We will place our focus this summer on “The Poet X”by Elizabeth Acevedo.

We are so glad to share this piece of Breakthrough culture with you this summer and can’t wait to see you again in the Fall! If you wish to engage further with this years Community Novel  check out the back of this letter and be sure to follow our Instagram: @breakthroughctx to follow our Summer reading adventures!

Happy Reading,
Community Novel  Committee

Engaging With The Community Novel

BT Suggested Reading Schedule

This summer we are working to make the Community Novel fun and engaging for everyone. This suggested reading calendar can be used this summer to guide you through “The Poet X” to access our suggested calendar, click here.

BT Suggested Summer Readings

Knowing how much our BT community loves to read, we have included this BT suggested reading to find our list, click here.

Engaging With “Blended”by Sharon Draper

While our focus for discussion will be around “The Poet X” feel free to utilize these free resources from Sharon Draper. For access, click here.