Breakthrough’s Postsecondary Advising Program (PSAP)

About the Schoolwide Postsecondary Advising Program (PSAP)

Breakthrough and Manor New Tech HS are partnering to provide year-round advising services to every junior and senior at the campus to support their dreams of pursuing college, career, or the military after high school graduation! 

How Will Postsecondary Advisors Support Students and Families?

  • Meet regularly with every junior and senior, at least once every three weeks throughout the school year.
  • Support setting goals and creating a plan for education and career after high school.
  • Guidance on the best colleges, universities, technical and vocational schools to attend.
  • Individualized support on completing college and financial aid applications. 
  • A plan for how to afford college, with customized guidance on financial aid and scholarships.
  • Support on taking and preparing for tests for entrance to colleges and the military.
  • Partner with Manor New Tech to create new opportunities to learn about and experience college and careers, so you are inspired to take the next step after graduation! 
  • Customized support the summer after graduation to complete the steps to enroll in whatever postsecondary path you choose!

The PSAP doesn’t stop at high school graduation! 

Manor New Tech HS graduates can enroll in Breakthrough’s Postsecondary Completion Program to receive up to six years of support to complete their postsecondary goals!