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“Let’s push. Lets advocate. Let’s fight. Let’s love. Let’s make our voices heard. Let’s not be okay with exceptions. Let’s not be okay with cherry picking. Let’s not be okay with some kids making it. Let’s think about what we have to do to reframe entire systems so we are making success not necessarily predicated on luck. Let’s change it so we can build something truly important that all our neighbors can benefit from.”   Wes Moore

We are filled with gratitude for the more than 300 individuals who tuned in last night for a community conversation on educational equity with Wes Moore.  Special thanks to Grammy Award nominated artist SaulPaul for his inspiring performances, as well as to our lead sponsor, AMD,  host committee, board of trustees, donors and attendees who made this experience possible.

At Breakthrough, our goal is to support students on their path to becoming the first in their family to graduate from college, as educational opportunities beyond high school afford a greater ability to achieve economic mobility and build a life of one’s own choosing. However, too often, a student’s circumstances of birth – race, ethnicity, family’s income level or immigration status – predicts the educational opportunities they will be afforded.

As Wes Moore said last night, educational equity isn’t just important, it’s everything.  Every single issue we are debating and discussing is going to be premised on us getting this part right.

As you reflect on last night’s conversation and consider “What’s next?”, we ask that you take action with us and learn about opportunities to volunteer, to advocate for policies that will help all students succeed, and to donate. 

Together, we raised more than $220,000 through sponsorships and donations  last night. Our work simply would not be possible without your support. Special thanks to our matching donors: Aileen and Mike Aviles, Rosalind Jones George, Kris and Scott Morledge, and Melba and Ted Whatley.

Breakthrough students graduate from college at 7 times the rate of their peers and twice the rate of all students. By donating to Breakthrough Central Texas, you are investing in profound change for the future of our students, their families and our community.

See highlights below from SaulPaul’s performance

In case you missed it, you can view a video of Breakthrough college students, Andrea Sanchez and Da’Keona Jones, sharing their Breakthrough experience here.



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