Our Approach

One graduate at a time breaks the cycle.

What if we could tackle some of the most pressing challenges in an economically disadvantaged community by giving a 6th grader the experiences and support necessary to achieve a vision of what’s possible for him or herself?

It is for these 6th graders that Breakthrough exists.

We believe that all children can succeed on the path to realizing their dreams.

The hard reality in Central Texas

Our region is experiencing an ever-widening economic divide, the results of which mean a deep-rooted and pervasive cycle of poverty. A cycle that has little chance of being broken without aggressive and effective intervention.

Nearly two-thirds of new jobs in Central Texas require a post-secondary degree. Any form of post-secondary degree increases an individual’s lifetime earnings by 75% over that of a high school diploma. Yet, only 8% of middle school students from low-income communities in Central Texas will earn a post-secondary degree.

The value of a college degree is the increased earning potential of the person who earns it. It’s the pride and satisfaction of accomplishment felt by the student and his or her family. It’s the lasting ripple effect through an entire family and neighborhood, as friends and community members are themselves inspired to follow their own vision. It’s the impact on an entire region and economy, as educational attainment closes the opportunity gap and decreases social and economic inequity.

And the path to a college degree? That’s where Breakthrough comes in.

The right engagement, at the right time, for the right length of time.

The Breakthrough solution is not simple, and that’s why it works. We know, and the data clearly supports, that if you wait until high school to engage students, that’s too late. This is especially true for students from low-income families whose parents never attended college. That’s why, unlike other college degree-completion programs, Breakthrough begins with the right engagement at the right time.

By beginning with students in local partner middle schools, Breakthrough offers students an invaluable and sustainable advantage: time. Breakthrough students get the time it takes to apply the kind of learning, skills and experiences that ingrain a belief in oneself. The time it takes to develop trust in oneself and others. The time it takes for students to know that we won’t give up on them nor should they give up on themselves. That’s why every one of our students receives our uncompromising 12-year commitment. From middle school to high school to college through college graduation, we are there every step of the way.